Collection: Ten Things You Didn't Know You Needed for Back to School

Not a lot of people think of a glass studio when they're getting ready for 'back to school', but did you know GlassRoots is full of items that will make however you go back even better!?

Here is a list of our top ten items - and they are on sale now!

1. This paperweight will hold down those piles of homework papers when the fall winds blow through your window.

2.  These coasters will host your coffee mug during your many upcoming all nighters

3.  Grab a GlassRoots T-Shirt to rock during your virtual classes with, yes, video on!

4. Need a new vessel for your morning routine - pick up a bowl for that breakfast cereal.

5. Worrying about a test? This charm bracelet will give you the good luck you need to maybe even pass this class(and hopefully you studied too).

6. Obviously you need a pencil holder for - you know - pencils.

7. Need a break from all of this school work, let your creative side out with the GlassRoots at Home mosaic kit.

8. Send your teacher some appreciation with GlassRoots Art with Heart, a glass heart with a personalized note will cheer up your teachers whole year.

9. A gift card will come in handy when this pandemic is over - use for a class later on to get back out into the world.

10. Because you're already missing the dog days of summer, you need this dog mosaic hung in a prominent place right now.



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