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GlassRoots is partnering with the City of Newark to welcome you back to GlassRoots' studios! This make-your-own glass-bead bracelet kit is free for Newark residents and includes free shipping, or local pick-up at our studio on Bleeker Street. (Limit of 4 kits per customer.) Of course, if you don't live in Newark, you can purchase this kit too,simply choose the matching kit for just $5+tax/shipping.

Beads have existed for thousands of years. They can be made of almost any material, but are commonly made of glass, metal, stone, amber, gems, shell or wood. Archaeologists believe that beads were worn as amulets for religious or ceremonial reasons not just for decoration. Beads were also used in trading. Beads that were given or received in exchange for other items were called “trade beads. With this DIY Kit, and our easy to follow instructions, you can create your own African Trade Bead bracelet!

This gift to residents of our City is made possible with a generous grant from the Creative Catalyst Fund.

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