Rain Trippodi, Octavia Necklace
Rain Trippodi, Octavia Necklace
Rain Trippodi, Octavia Necklace

Rain Trippodi, Octavia Necklace

GlassRoots, Inc.
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About the Piece
Rain Trippodi has been making glass bead necklaces for 10 years. They enjoy exploring form and movement in glass that approximates what is found in nature, leaning toward the ugly, creepy and uncomfortable side of beauty. The Octavia necklace was inspired by research into the movement and "thinking" abilities of cephalopod tentacles. Human reactions to snakes, tentacles and pseudopods range from wonder to fear to disgust. Engaging forms that are simultaneously attractive and eldritch enhances the beauty and power of pieces used to adorn. Rain hopes the wearers of their art feel powerful, attractive, and unconventionally beautiful. 22" long with gold filled clasp.

About the Artist
Lorraine "Rain" Trippodi was first introduced to flame working in 2011 when they took a class at GlassRoots. Today, they thrilled to be an instructor in the flat and flame shops. They love to create in the studio and has developed her skills over the last several years as a member of the Bead Hive. Lorraine values the arts as a method of expression for people of all ages. They have also had a long career working as a community psychologist and professor serving youth and their families throughout New Jersey. They hold a Master’s degree in psychology.